A Page in the Sun

To those who are just getting to know us, A page in the Sun has been a Puerto Vallarta icon since its humble origins over twenty years ago; in a shared retail space with a young and enthusiastic travel agent, just a few blocks from our current café-bookstore location.

A page in the Sun opened with a single rotating bookshelf on a quiet street in Old Town near the beach. The big idea in a small corner of what was then a relatively remote part of Vallarta has evolved and adapted confidently to the changing needs and tastes of our community.

A page in the Sun is a place of stories that extend beyond books, they include Vallarta’s own story; growing from a little known corner of paradise on gorgeous Banderas Bay to an international vacation destination. Our story has been written and shaped by our friends and customers, and is yours to share and enjoy over a cup of coffee, a game of chess or a great novel.

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